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This is your chance to thank Reps. Kriesel, Kelly, Murray and Smith for their couragous vote against putting a constitutional amendment on the ballot which will divide Minnesotans and distract from the important issues Republicans were elected to address. Let them know you appreciate their vote, and that because they stood by us, we’ll stand by them. Representative Kriesel was right – Minnesota has their backs!

On May 21, 2011, four Republican leaders took a stand for freedom and fairness by voting against putting the marriage amendment on the ballot. Join Log Cabin Republicans in thanking our champions today! Representatives John Kriesel, Tim Kelly, Rich Murray and Steve Smith represent a stronger, more inclusive GOP that we can all be proud of.

Click here to go to our action center to send a thank you noteĀ  Representatives Kriesel, Kelly, Murray and Smith.

3 Responses to “Thank Our Republican Champions!”

  1. Rich, St. Paul says:

    These four representatives are leaders of a 21st Century where all citizens are respected, at a time when financial challenges should be the focus, not establishing religious doctrines that discriminate in a civil society.

  2. TrueAmerican56 says:

    Wow, 4 out of how many, at that rate, in 2112, you might get 8 votes in the Republican party.

  3. KenS says:

    Thank you for your comment and thank you for being respectful (presumably you are not being rude or snide). It is difficult for conservative GLBT folks to be open without the support of like-minded, understanding, and intelligent individuals. Those who continue to incorrectly state that GLBT individuals should be outcast from any party for their viewpoints (even though they are active in, participating in, and contributing to a party) is counter-intuitive and a reflection of your ignorance. Cast no stones lest you be the first to wish those stones be cast upon you. Thank you for your interest and please share your lack of respect with others.

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