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U of M constitutional law professor and friend of Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota, Dale Carpenter, appeared on Davis and Emmer Saturday Feb 18 to discuss the Marriage Amendment on the November ballot.

They cover topics like judicial activism, the slippery slope theory (i.e. polygamy), the myth of being able to contractually replicate “marriage”, and the benefits of stabilizing marriage and families for all Minnesotans.

“I think marriage is important…the combination of the cultural norm of marriage plus the legal support we give to marriage is a good thing. They are better off, they are healthier, they are wealthier” said Dale during his interview. He continued “you cannot make the case for gay marriage without making the case for marriage”.

He points out that including same sex couples in marriage is a socially conservative view and idea.

Please listen to the interview by following the link below, and sharing this with people you know.

Davis and Emmer with Dale Carpenter

Thank you Dale for your continued support!

Ken Smoron
LCR MN Chair

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