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The Minnesota chapter is proud to announce our 2012 endorsements in House and Senate races, including incumbents and challengers who value individual liberty, personal responsibility, and believe in an inclusive Republican party.

State Races:

Tim Kelly – H21A – http://www.kellyforhouse.com/

Rich Murray – H27A- http://www.murrayforhouse.com/

Steve Smith – H33A- http://stevesmithminnesota.com/index.php

Gary Mazzotta – H59B- http://www.mazzotta4minnesota.com/#!welcome/mainPage

Melissa Valeriano – H25B - http://valerianoforhouse.org/

John Quinn – H67B - http://www.quinn4house.com/

Kody Zalewski – H60B - https://www.facebook.com/KZforMinnesota

Carlos Conway – H65B- http://www.voteforcarlos.org/

Nate Atkins – H61B - http://honeybadgerforhouse.org/

Brent Millsop – H60A- http://brentmillsop.com/

Paul Tuschy – H52B - http://paultuschy.com/

Jesse Pfliger – SD 61 - http://pfligerforliberty.org/contact/

Congressional Race:

Chris Fields – CD 5 - http://chrisfieldsforcongress.com/

We invite you to check out each of the candidates above. Last minute contributions, as they make their final pushes these last couple of weeks, are always needed. Volunteers and funding are extremely important. Every bit helps!

Though not all candidates seek endorsements from political advocacy groups, it does not mean that they are not excellent candidates that may align with your priority issue(s). I encourage you to maintain a working knowledge of the politics in your district and check out your local race candidates for their specific views.

What District Am I In? 

Confusion over the recent redistricting has resulted in many people not knowing who their candidate is, where they are supposed to vote, or even if they are in the same district as before.

This link to the Secretary of State website will help you figure that out. http://pollfinder.sos.state.mn.us/

Who  Are My Candidates?

This link will provide the list of all candidates filed in your district http://candidates.sos.state.mn.us/ simply click which race you want to view (Senate or Representative) and you will see all candidates, all parties.

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