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Today the MN Senate passed the marriage equality bill SF925 with a vote of 37-30. The lone Republican vote was cast by the bills co-sponsor Sen. Branden Petersen

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This vote makes Minnesota the 12th state to pass marriage expansion legislation.

As proponents debated, it is important to remember that the legislation presented in MN is only an expansion of participants in marriage, not a redefinition of what marriage means. No religious institution that was protected under existing marriage and human rights laws, will suddenly be vulnerable. If they were protected before, they are protected now. Jewish temples will not suddenly be forced to marry Catholic couples. The same will apply with same sex couples.

Votes tracked along party lines. In some instances, it appears that because they already had enough votes in the DFL run body, the Republicans who felt they would face tough challenges in their districts decided to just vote no, ducking for cover.

This shows there is still a lot of work to do!  But, that is an issue for another day.

We want to thank all senators who voted for this bill today, and especially want to thank Sen. Dibble for all of his hard work on this issue over the years and Sen. Petersen for his courage. We wish to thank Minnesotans United for their work on the Vote No campaign as well as this campaign, and we also want to thank all of our LCR members, friends, and allies who have showed their support and who have actively participated in advancing this cause. MN is truly blessed to have you all!

Today, we celebrate!

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  1. Dawn Mcclain says:

    But that would mean they would need votes from 12 of 17 non-metro DFLers seen as swing votes because their party favors legalizing gay marriage but they represent districts that voted for a constitutional amendment to limit marriages to heterosexual couples.

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