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The MN House has ended debate over the marriage equality bill HF 1054. With a final vote of 75-59, a bi-partisan passage was achieved. Republican Representatives Loon, Fitzsimmons, Kieffer and Garofalo voted for the bill. Republican support as of a mere 48 hours ago appeared to be zero. Rep Fitzsimmons introduced an amendment to the bill that helped solidify religious institutions protection language, which helped secure the Republican votes.

LCR MN would like to thank our representatives for having a thoughtful, respectful, and at times, emotionally charged debate today. We especially want to thank Rep Fitzsimmons for his work on the amending language and the additional votes of Kieffer, Garofalo, and Loon for their support. They have made us proud.

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The next vote is scheduled in the Senate on Monday. The current expectation is that the Senate will pass the legislation, the governor has already vowed to sign it. Currently only one Republican, sponsor Sen. Branden Petersen, has voiced his support.  Please contact your legislators to show your support, and let’s get a few more R’s on the board!


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