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Fun-raiser and more

It’s 2014 and conventions are underway. As fellow supporters of inclusion and equality, it is more important than ever that we get involved in the process and hold our elected officials accountable for watching out for our civil liberties as well as our wallets. Marriage Equality may have been accomplished, but at what cost? The state is enjoying a rather large surplus as the result of the previous Republican congress’ balanced budget approach to governing. The DFL budget is kicking in and we are already seeing them doubling down on taxes and spending, treating a projected $1 billion surplus (our money!) as a bonus check for more toys. The irony is that they are claiming that their policies have resulted in this surplus, but their budget did not start kicking in until the end of 2013. They raised taxes and requested bonding totaling more than $2 billion, appropriating nearly $100 million on a new senate office building that would only house 42 members. Think about that for a minute. Some DFL legislators are now poising themselves to repeal some of the taxes they passed, including medical device, warehouse, and others. They want to be able to claim they are cutting taxes during this re-election cycle, taxes they passed! Republicans have introduced the Give It Back Act intended to rebate the surplus. This is something to watch this session.

Speaking of things to watch, the senate race against Al Franken is heating up. You may recall that Franken was the final vote that put the nail into the coffin that created this monstrosity we know as Obamacare. Come hear one of the candidates, current SD 47 senator Julianne Ortman will be the guest speaker at a Fat Tuesday Fun-Raiser for SD 59.


The cost for the event is $62.50,  of which $50 is eligible for the PCR refund program. That makes this a fun and affordable event to attend.




Cost: $62.50 per person – $50 is eligible for MN State Political Contribution Refund (PCR).
Please make your check payable to Senate District 59 Republicans.

Please RSVP by calling Dan or Cindy Niesen at 612-522-3551, or see you at Broadway Pizza!

Hosted by SD 59 Republicans

Join SD 59 this Tuesday, 6:30pmThis is a great opportunity to network with fellow Republicans!Guest speaker: Julianne Ortman, candidate for U.S. Senate
Speaking at 6:30pm
Pizza, salad and soft drinks begin at 7:00pm.
Broadway Pizza, 2025 West River Rd N Minneapolis, MN > MAP


Twin Cities Pride is just around the corner. LCR MN always maintains a booth at Pride because it is important to show that the LGBT community is diverse and spotlight the hard work that LCR does to fight for inclusion and equality within the Republican Party.  We need your help to set up or work the booth. If you are interested in helping develop theme or materials, your help is greatly appreciated! Please respond to this post if you are able to help!!

Other News:

With all the work LCR has been doing to repeal DADT, DOMA, and now working on ENDA, it is increasingly important that our legislators hear from everyone who supports non-discrimination efforts. We will be working this year to approach MN legislators representing us in DC to garner additional support on the ENDA legislation in the House. More to come on this.

We thank you for your continued support and look forward to hearing from you. Please stay engage, for the only way to advance true inclusion and equality is to be heard AND seen.



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