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July Happy Hour with Executive Director R Clarke Cooper

Join Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota this Friday July 20, at LUSH food bar from 5p-8p. We are honored to have national Log Cabin Republicans executive director R Clarke Cooper attending. He plans to give some insight into the recent happenings with the RNC and plans for the upcoming National Convention in August. Come out and enjoy 3-4-1 drinks (Gratuitous Disclaimer: Please drink responsibly) and good times.

Post Pride BBQ and Chapter update

It’s that time again for our Post-Pride summer cookout. Due to timing with Twins games and various summer festivities, we are hosting the gathering Tuesday July 24th from 6-9p in the party room at The Towers Condominiums, 15 1st St S, Minneapolis.

Music, food, liquid libations and plenty of good company and conversation will be provided. We will also discuss the endorsement process, Pride happenings, and MN United For All Families- Republican updates. LCR MN member and candidate for House district 59B, Gary Mazzotta, will also be in attendance to answer questions about his campaign.

Please RSVP by sending an email to info@mnlogcabin.org, subject: BBQ, so that we can be aware of attendence and food.


Membership sign-up or Renewal

This past year has been very successful. Because of the support of our members we are able to: Participate in conventions, promote activism in our districts, maintain a long standing presence at Twin Cities Pride, support our GLBT youth community by sponsoring various events, and perform multiple lobbying efforts in MN politics. Continued support is always necessary to continue our efforts of achieving an inclusive, stronger GOP.

Renew or sign-up for a membership today and receive your Log Cabin Republicans lapel pin to wear at your social or political events. It’s a great conversation piece and also promotes the organization.

Thanks and hope to see you at one or both of these events.

Kenneth Smoron
Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota

Today, Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota board member Broc Dobervich joined Stonewall DFL chairmain David DeGrio on KFAI radio’s Weekly News Update, with Bob Hines and Michelle Alimoradi, to discuss the 40th anniversary of Pride in MN and the role of GLBT citizens in government today.

Listen to the podcast here Interview with Broc Dobervich   the interview begins around 13 min in.

Have a safe and exciting Pride weekend and be sure to stop by our booth in the park located at P017-019.

Pride is just around the corner and it’s time for a Pre-Pride Happy Hour. Join us from 4p-7p Thursday June 14 at LUSH.

Feel Free to join our group on Facebook if you have not done so already.

Alex Whitney – like his grandfather Wheelock – is a Republican, and he’s voting no on his harmful, freedom-limiting amendment. No matter how different our political beliefs or personal ideologies may be, Minnesotans of all kinds agree on this one thing: our state constitution should never be used to permanently limit the freedoms of some of our fellow citizens.

Watch Video Here

VOTE NO. Don’t limit the freedom to marry in Minnesota.


Tonight at 6:45pm, May 1,  the Golden Valley City Council voted to pass a resolution opposing the “Marriage Amendment” to the MN constitution which seeks to effectively ban same-sex marriage in the state. The resolution states “the proposed amendment would be contrary to the purpose of our State Constitution to protect the rights, privileges and freedom of conscience of all citizens by withholding from some individuals and families important legal rights and obligations”. With a vote of 4 yeses and 1 abstention, the resolution passed making Golden Valley the 7th city in MN to take a public position on the amendment.

Mayor Shep Harris acknowledged the Minnesota Chapter of LCR for our letter of support for the resolution and for attending the meeting. He thanked us for providing a viewpoint that made him feel more comfortable about his vote. 

Council member Mike Freiberg, who proposed the resolution, gave a speech in which he acknowledged that the council members are sworn to uphold the constitution, but above all, they are a body that must stand by what is right, and that includes accepting all of their citizens and supporting their freedoms. Council member Freiberg echoed Mayor Harris by pointing out that Golden Valley has the largest GLBT population for a city that size in the state and that the council should support all families. Council member Dede Scanlon abstained from voting and made it a point to say the council should not take a position.

The letter of support presented to the council is below:

We are writing to you to ask your support of a resolution placed before the Golden Valley City Council, opposing the MN constitutional Marriage Amendment banning same sex marriage. Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota is comprised of Republicans who support the equal treatment for gays and lesbians, and works to build bridges and coalitions between the Party and GLBT conservatives.

We understand that on Tuesday May 1, 2012, the Golden Valley City Council may take a position against the so-called Minnesota Marriage Amendment that will be on the General Election Ballot in November.  We applaud your support because, as Republicans, we think that the Amendment is a hurtful and harmful misuse of the Minnesota Constitution.

As conservatives we advocate for individual responsibility and freedom and a smaller government, which allows for people to make their own personal choices and maintain more control over their own lives.  We believe that the best social welfare program is a strong and supportive family structure.  We do not support an Amendment that says that some people will not be allowed to form a family, or that their family will not be deemed valid by the State.  This would be hypocritical, unfair, and cruel.  A position of banning same sex marriage is counterproductive for society, which has proven to benefit greatly from allowing and encouraging all of its members to make mutual long-term stable commitments.

The history of the previously proposed Defense of Marriage Amendments in MN indicates that its supporters do want to prevent cities from offering domestic partnership status (currently offered in Golden Valley) and domestic partner benefits to its employees who are in same sex relationships.  Previous versions of the Amendment have explicitly forbid any “legal equivalents” to marriage, such as domestic partnerships and civil unions.  We believe that the supporters of this current amendment strategically lowered their objectives to get it passed, and that they will continue to seek bans on domestic unions.  This would ultimately infringe on the right and prerogative of the City of Golden Valley to have the choice to someday provide such benefits to its own employees and manage its own workforce. As a city council, your role is to set policies that encourage a healthy business and work climate, safe neighborhoods, and a welcoming environment for all of your citizens. Some argue that it is not the City’s place to take a stand on this Amendment, but to the contrary, it is the City’s place (and the intent of the State Constitution) to expand and protect rights, privileges, and freedoms for all of its citizens, not to withhold or constrict very important legal rights from some individuals and families.

We hope you will decide to come out against this Amendment.  With the support of fair-minded people, organizations and governments throughout the state, hopefully we will be able to ensure that Minnesota becomes a more tolerant and accepting state that encourages loving commitments for all of its residents.

We thank the council for their time and efforts and for supporting the citizens of their community!


U of M constitutional law professor and friend of Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota, Dale Carpenter, appeared on Davis and Emmer Saturday Feb 18 to discuss the Marriage Amendment on the November ballot.

They cover topics like judicial activism, the slippery slope theory (i.e. polygamy), the myth of being able to contractually replicate “marriage”, and the benefits of stabilizing marriage and families for all Minnesotans.

“I think marriage is important…the combination of the cultural norm of marriage plus the legal support we give to marriage is a good thing. They are better off, they are healthier, they are wealthier” said Dale during his interview. He continued “you cannot make the case for gay marriage without making the case for marriage”.

He points out that including same sex couples in marriage is a socially conservative view and idea.

Please listen to the interview by following the link below, and sharing this with people you know.

Davis and Emmer with Dale Carpenter

Thank you Dale for your continued support!

Ken Smoron
LCR MN Chair


February 7th is fast approaching. As many folks are buzzing about the caucuses, the main focus most people have is on the GOP presidential candidate nominee and which one will address the issues that concern them the most as Republicans, conservatives, or whatever political label they choose to identify themselves with. What’s your issue? Government spending? Budget cuts? Preemptive war? Inconsistent foreign policy? Education? Imposing Theocracy?

Whatever your issue(s) may be, it is important to remember that the principles our state party stands for are as important as the ultimate winner of the presidential nomination. It is no secret that our party platform has become burdensome and overloaded with a hodge podge of special interest driven detail that essentially creates a litmus test nearly impossible for someone to pass and even harder to avoid contradiction.

Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota is a firm believer in strong conservative values, which is why we are supporting the following resolution to Plank 4 and would appreciate your support in presenting this resolution at your caucuses.

Under Strengthening Families and Communities (plank 4)

Here is the text location -


Strengthen our Families and Communities


We recognize the blessings that God has bestowed on this great Nation. We also recognize the sanctity of human life and the central role of the traditional family in our society.
We work to defend those values in order to strengthen our families and communities.


Section 4 – Strengthen our Families and Communities

We recognize the blessings that God has bestowed on this great Nation. We also recognize the sanctity of human life and the central role of the traditional family in our society.
We work to defend those values in order to strengthen our families and communities.

Protect our Families and Children

As Republicans, we believe in the sanctity of human life and marriage, and the central role of the traditional family in our society. In order to protect our families and communities, we need to change laws regarding marriage, divorce, adoption, child support, welfare, taxes and others. Minnesota’s laws governing marriage should be amended to offer a ‘Covenant Marriage’ option, entailing extensive premarital counseling and limits on divorce. Grandparents and other relatives should be the first option when children cannot live with their parents. Racial preference is wrong; in cases of adoption, Minnesota should make it easier and less costly for a traditional married couple to adopt a child of any race. In child custody cases, privileges of the father should be restored to comply with the 14th Amendment.

We support restricting the production, sale and promotion of vulgar and obscene material, especially to children, and believe that pornography-blocking software should be installed on all computers with internet access in publicly financed institutions.


Defend the Definition of Marriage

We believe that marriage is between one man and one woman, and that the U.S. Constitution and the Minnesota constitution should be amended to this effect.
We oppose civil unions or their legal equivalents between same-sex couples and therefore, domestic partner benefits should not be publicly funded.

We feel that burdening the state party platform with terms like “traditional”,  unjustly promotes an idealistic and impractical assumption that the party does not appreciate or respect any family that does not fit within a specific mold. Even the terms “traditional marriage” , “traditional family”, etc have evolved from their original definitions. As Republicans and conservatives, we believe in and support strong families.. period. Neither the Republican party nor the government should be in the business of telling any one of us what our family should look like in order to be valid.

Additionally, we do not feel it is in the best interest of the state party or the government to dictate who should be allowed to wed. Government should not be in the business of mandating and controlling marriage. Its obligation is to enforce contracts between consenting adults. Therefore we support removing language in the platform supporting constitutional bans preventing two consenting adults who wish to legally contract to marry. This should be left up to the individuals, their families, and their churches to decide.  Should future generations in Minnesota decide to allow legal contracts between two same sex consenting adults, the legislature should be capable of adjusting the laws responsibly to accommodate the will of the people without facing constitution restraint. This is not the intent of the state constitution and is not a Republican position.

We appreciate your support as we continue to educate people and improve our party.

Follow-us: Twitter @mnlogcabin   Facebook:  Minnesota Log Cabin Republicans    on the webwww.mnlogcabin.org

Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota board member, Broc Dobervich, participated in a radio interview tonight on America’s longest running Queer radio show Fresh Fruit, in production since 1978.  Hosts Kendrick Davies and Peter Gokey welcomed Broc and Stonewall DFL chair David DeGrio to talk about LGBT issues and how they relate to politics both locally and nationally.  This was the first time LCR has been invited to participate on this program and it was an honor to take part. Broc and David did a fantastic job. We want to thank them for taking this time to address the issues we are facing today.

Please take the time to listen to the program here LISTEN NOW

Follow us on Twitter, visit us on Facebook, or email us at info@mnlogcabin.org for more information about our organization.


CONTACT: KEN SMORON (612)  236-3455

(Minneapolis, MN) – Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota officially announced today, Thursday Oct 6, that it is joining Minnesotans United for All Families, the statewide, multi-partisan coalition working to defeat the constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage in Minnesota.


Chapter President Ken Smoron described Minnesotans United as a coalition that respects and aligns with conservative values with regards to the amendment. “As Republicans, we believe in limited government and individual liberty. We believe this amendment violates both principles and will work with others, who share this view, to defeat it, ” He continues, “Log Cabin maintains the position that a constitutional amendment represents government overreach and strips the freedom of the citizenry to petition their legislators to represent their evolving views regarding marriage.”


A Minnesotans United spokesperson said, “The campaign is excited to have the support of Log Cabin Republicans. This is yet another reminder that Minnesotans from across the political spectrum agree that government should not be deciding which Minnesotans have the opportunity to marry.”


The decision of Log Cabin to join the coalition comes on the heels of Minnesotans United announcing that they have hired campaign manager Richard Carlbom to lead the campaign to victory. With his diverse political background, we are confident he will maintain a strong focused message needed to succeed.


Smoron said that Log Cabin members will be active in the campaign to defeat the amendment between now and November 2012. “We call on our fellow Republicans and Republican organizations who believe in liberty and equality to join us and Minnesotans United. Get involved. Donate. Volunteer. Show your support in whichever way you know how. Let your voices be heard.” Smoron said.


Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota joins other Republicans and Republican groups such as Rep. John Kriesel, Wheelock Whitney, RAMMA, and Susan Kimberly, to name a few,  in the fight to defeat the amendment in 2012.


Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota promotes legal equality for every Minnesota citizen regardless of biological gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or social gender role. We believe that equality can best be achieved through the conservative ideals of a smaller constitutional government that protects the unalienable rights of individuals. See our website at: http://mnlogcabin.org/. LCR Minnesota is a chapter of the national Log Cabin Republicans. Visit www.mnunited.org for more information on MN United, Richard Carlbom, and how you can be a part of the effort.

Post Pride Wrap Up

Join Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota as we celebrate the close of the 2011 Twin Cities Pride month. As proud recipients of the 2011 TC Community Pride award, we are humbled and honored to be a part of this community.

We want to thank you for being a member of Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota. We also want to extend a warm welcome to those new individuals who volunteered at our booth, sought additional information about us, or inquired about becoming members while attending the 2011 Pride Festival.

As our way of saying thanks to you, we are hosting a cookout on Sunday, July 10, from 1p-5′ish pm at The Towers Condominium Complex located at 17 1st St S, Minneapolis, MN 55401 (corner of First St S and Hennepin Ave). The gathering will be in the Party Room. When you arrive please dial my name Ken Smoron on the keypad to get buzzed in. Or, you may call my cell 612-236-3455 or Michael Hammond at 612-201-7439 and we will be sure to get you in.

This is a casual meet and greet so please come as you are. Feel free to bring any other liberty minded friends who might find us interesting. Know a closeted conservative but they just haven’t realized it yet? Heck, bring them too! We are providing the grilled food AND beverages. Now you can’t beat that in today’s economy!

We will have updates available on DADT, MN Marriage Amendment, memberships, how to get involved in your neighborhood caucuses, participating in elections, and more. We are more than pleased to answer any and all questions you may have.

Please respond to this invite if you are able to make it so we may attempt to have enough food and drinks for everyone.

We can’t wait to see you there.

Ken Smoron
Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota Board

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Tweet us at mnlogcabin

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